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LOL Nintendo servers
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Lightsasori235/24 6:50AM
Looking at the most recent Splatoon commercial I have to wonder...
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Vayu_The_End205/24 6:31AM
Would you like a wii u sequel to super princess preach? (Poll)McmadnessV335/24 6:30AM
Do you think the Nintendo NX will be the end of 50Hz VC?Rukumouru35/24 6:30AM
What would you say is the most recommendable retail exclusive on this list?MrMegaPhoenix105/24 6:26AM
Games that you think are good but are unpopular.
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Melee578395/24 6:23AM
Connection : UDP Ports
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Kirby_Pink315/24 6:22AM
Is it possible SPLATOON becomes a huge smash hit that revitalizes the Wii U?
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awesomenintendo175/24 6:07AM
name the first food you think of when you think of a console.
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PiOverlord185/24 5:51AM
Where the f*** is Animal Crossing? I need a reason to play my wii u !
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GwynsSonSolaire145/24 5:49AM
I want an Endless Ocean 3 on Wii U. Who else is with me?
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HellsingOrg135/24 5:29AM
WiiU Version of Project CarsPanner35/24 5:26AM
Your most impressive kill in splatoon?Snow-Dust35/24 5:06AM
Voice chat is necessary in splatoon for one reason only
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Snow-Dust275/24 5:00AM
Is the Wii U Karaoke usb microphone compatible for Wii games in Wii mode?MarikoNumber3525/24 4:39AM
Splatoon Battle Dojo great fun, how about 4 to 5 player split screen Nintendo?awesomenintendo105/24 4:34AM
Donkey Kong Country 2, out of the three, had the worst GBA incarnation.Sailor_Razor95/24 3:50AM
Rumored details on a new Skylander game, Skylander Overdrive.PS4Warrior35/24 3:35AM
I played full version of Splatoon. Will review on 27th. Ask me anything...
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awesomenintendo745/24 3:13AM
wtf, why can't i chat in mario kart 8 online multiplayer?JahlilOkaforLA95/24 3:12AM