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Thinking about buying a Wii U. Is it worth it?TheWarhammeronl97/28 1:28PM
I don't think Nintendo had footage of a new Metroid when they were at E32014.Chenmaster247/28 1:10PM
Suppose they kept the GamePad for the Wii U successor, but...Wii_Truth47/28 1:04PM
Mother 4 Wii U
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luminion187177/28 1:03PM
Which upcoming games are you excited forxxxxxn37/28 1:01PM
oh no wiiu aint getting far cry 4 boo, we have splatoon
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NintendoXGames347/28 12:58PM
What should I do with the bad battery life of the gamepad?
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temgun197/28 12:49PM
Nintendo is taking advantage of their fans
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Murderstorm117337/28 12:42PM
CoD Black Ops 2 good on Wii U? should I buy it?HellsingOrg57/28 12:41PM
The Wii U virtual console library is terrible!
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DerekRoss467/28 12:40PM
How good is Lego Marvel for the Wii U?
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Crystal_Dream157/28 12:30PM
How great do you think the next E3 will be?fbt47107/28 12:24PM
I don't have too much problem with the pricing of the VC services ...Chenmaster267/28 12:14PM
I would love to see the raw data for downloads of Urban temperature67/28 12:03PM
If you could go back in time and change the Wii U... (Poll)Megamushroom66667/28 11:58AM
New to the Wii Uheffley1977/28 11:57AM
Listening to people talk about the Wii U at Walmart.
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Poweranimals167/28 11:52AM
Why hasn't there been a Wii Sports U yet?The_Shadow_Link67/28 11:51AM
think of your favorite starfox character other than fox and then look in here
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hydrocrush147/28 11:37AM
Was bored. Then started messing with the Wii U system tranfer (also tired).CubeTV27/28 11:25AM