Is this a good Wii U deal to buy?

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In my area, Europe, a new Wii U 32 gig costs $500 by itself...$400 if you manage to find a really good price...
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killtacular30 posted...
I found a person that has the following items,

Wii U black 32gig bought in January and has sales slip
Wii U pro controller
Wii U wireless bar
2 Wii U Remote Plus Black
Wii U Energizer Charging System
he also has a Energizer charger with 4 double AA rechargeable batteries...
2 games Nintendo land and Mario Brothers

He wants 400 cash for it all...

What about the tablet controller?
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Baha05 posted...
ElGado posted...
its a rip off at 400. its used for one, that brings the value down tremendously. as the buyer you have even more leverage since no one is buying these things. heck, you could probably throw a lowball offer at 300 and he would have to consider it.

400 is a rip off

Except it's really not, even for a used system it's still a system under warranty and parts alone would cost more to buy the system new. The only way it would be a rip off is if the guy sold him a box of rocks or a broken system.

Maybe you should buy it? Since you don't have one.
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Yes it comes with tablet controller... The person has a 32gig Wii U with everything that comes with that package but he also has extra stuff, like pro controller, the 2 Wii U plus remotes, Mario U and the other stuff I listed at the start of my post...
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If it works then it's a great deal
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LifelessBoy posted...
Maybe you should buy it? Since you don't have one.

Except I already have a Wii U
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you have ALL the leverage with the Wii U's current state. Shoot for $300-$350
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Yeah, that's a pretty good deal, even despite the crappy Energizer rechargeable batteries. Throw those straight into the trash and just keep the rest. Even if you do that, it's still a good deal for $400.

Wii U - $350
Pro Controller - $50 (there's your $400 right there)
2 Wii Remotes - $80
New Super Mario Bros U - $50-$60 depending on what site you look at

$530 worth of stuff for $400, and I didn't even include the useless Energizer batteries or the wireless sensor bar (couldn't get a consistent price on those).

Ignore trolls like Elgado who tell you it's too much, you've found yourself a pretty good deal.
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This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.