What do you want from a new Metroid U game?

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Back in the N64 days, there was a action-adventure game called Jet Force Gemini. I think a Metroid game in that gameplay style would work very well. For those who don't know it, have a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLT46BqE-OI

That's how a 3rd person 3D Metroid game should be done. Other M's attempt was good, but very limiting.

I've never taken Metroid to be that sort of game. It reminds me of Star Fox Adventures.
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Use that damn ship!!! For more than 2 minutes. Like have some StarFox instances where Samus is running from a swarm of Space Pirates firing at her. That would be awesome in my opinion!

It would be a pretty good opening sequence.
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Dead topic is dead.
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The manga shouldn't even be considered canon because it contradicts Other M; Because of this, you can't claim that Samus even knew Ridley before originally fighting him.

Both Fusion's and Zero Mission's ending shows that the manga is canon. The manga was written by Sakamoto, so there's not reason for them to not be canon until Sakamoto outright says that they aren't.

Sakamoto didn't write the manga, it was written by Kouji Tazawa.

He was the supervisor though, so if something didn't seem right in his eyes, he wouldn't include it, but if it was ok, he would.
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- no 1st person view
- no random planet you have to explore to recover your power-ups
- voice acting like in Other M
- Other M-style gameplay
- Other M-style cinematic cutscenes
- sequel to Metroid Fusion
- seeing Samus as a child and growing up with the Chozo
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Super Metroid with a few graphics filters...
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cucumberking posted...
More like Other M less like Prime.

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Lokarin posted...
Super Metroid with a few graphics filters...

I think that they are already doing something like that.
It will be available in May, playable on the controller-screen and cost 30
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I think they will be going for more of a multiplayer/co-op game style with a focus on the multiple hunters using their unique abilities to solve puzzles cooperatively. Make it atmospheric, yet an isolating experience due to the tension between bounty hunters and puzzles that tend to seperate the crew. -Basically, I want to see the premise of Metroid Prime 1.5 (idea that got canned) in the next first person Metroid. I think the developers may be heading that direction as it was first proposed for Metroid Prime 2; somewhat of a similar scenario in Metroid Prime Hunters, then the hunters and their unique abilities in Metroid Prime 3.
I think the only thing limiting this possible game was the non-existant online service.

What about a 3rd person with a camera angle relative to the newer Resident Evils?
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I want another 2D Metroid, I like them much more than the 3D ones.