So I was at EB Games..

#11blinkfreakPosted 3/17/2013 2:03:31 PM
I wonder how well the system would sell if Nintendo just rebranded it and changed absolutely nothing but the name.

I know a few grown adults that play games that still have no idea what Wii U is or how it is different from a Wii.
#12mashuPosted 3/17/2013 2:12:48 PM
I'm fond of Revolution. That was a good console name. I don't like Wii U as a name at all and I'm not convinced (unlike the PlayStation with numbers, where its obvious) that its altogether clear its a new system, due to how the Wii had so many things called Wii [something]. So even though I think there are other things working against the Wii U right now, branding and lack of marketing is a bit of it.

Not much, sadly, to market right now though. Maybe save it for the upcoming holiday season, when post-E3 games are coming up and some of the late-year titles we know about are out. The timing would be a bit better and maybe they are waiting for that.