Biggest game of the year bioshock infinite not coming to wii u

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CaioNV posted...
Dogs are better than cats.

Cat's are so much better than dogs ;)
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aryanbrar posted...
honestly i am glad wii u is not getting it. its not going to be that good anyways.

Have you played it?
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digiblaster posted...
Rasputin77 posted...
Well that's a pity. I'd say... dismal, even.

ish0turfac3 posted...
Troll topic is troll topic.

Children responding to news they don't want to hear is children responding to news they don't want to hear.

Trite and overused meme sentence structure is trite and overused.

Etc. ;D Adorable.

So people aren't entitled to their own opinions now?

Not without any repercussions no.
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