If Nintendo wants to save this system, they need to cut the price.

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googler posted...
knightimex posted...
It will already be at least $100 cheaper than 720 and ps4.

but also $100 more than a 360 or PS3, which do the same thing

Yes PS3 and 360 would have 1st gen games running starting at 720p @60fps with better textures.

oh wait...

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If they want to save the system, at this point they need a time machine.
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System is not in need of saving

Price is fine

Games just need to come out
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From: VenomSymbiote | #029
Will you be saying such things when the PS4 and 720 have the same sort of launch? Because this is normal for console launches. If I don't see the same sorts of gloom and doom topics by the same exact people when the other next gen consoles get released with similarly "poor" launches, I'll be quite disappointed.

720, I predict will be more expensive than it should be, and won't sell well.

PS4 will likely be overpriced, but will do fine, because there are already loads of games we know are coming out for it.
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_Sovereign_ posted...
System is not in need of saving

Price is fine

Games just need to come out


Just like the PS3 (it took a couple years for it to get an adequate library) and other systems, the Wii U just needs a little time.
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Price should have been lower at the start, lowering it now is just a slap in the face to everyone who already bought one.
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