#1Ghost-inZeShellPosted 3/19/2013 4:21:32 AM
Do you want JRPGs on the Wii U? - Results (239 votes)
I like JRPGs, and would like them on the Wii U
91.21% (218 votes)
I do not like JRPGs, and would not like them on the Wii U
8.79% (21 votes)
This poll is now closed.
#2Emerald_MeliosPosted 3/19/2013 4:29:31 AM
A major reason why the 3DS looks better than Wii U or PS4 is because of that.
#3mashuPosted 3/19/2013 4:52:42 AM
My favorite genre.
#4BeanBeanKingdomPosted 3/19/2013 4:53:48 AM
Awesome genre when done right and not just tiredly retreading old ground. Xenoblade was a triumphant example, and X already looks even better.
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#5GigerSupremePosted 3/19/2013 4:55:01 AM
jrpgs are great an all... but id much rather have survival horror.
#6lninjasoniclPosted 3/19/2013 4:56:18 AM
Sure, although I'll only buy the Wii U exclusive titles
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#7AmishMechanicPosted 3/19/2013 5:04:14 AM
jrpgs arent good games

i dont kno why anybody wud like 2 play them
#8Ghost-inZeShell(Topic Creator)Posted 3/19/2013 5:44:47 AM
lninjasonicl posted...
Sure, although I'll only buy the Wii U exclusive titles

So if a great JRPG went "multiplatform", you would pass it by?
#9IamthehylianPosted 3/19/2013 5:55:46 AM
I hope we get more than 1 Tales game, and please no Japan only.
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#10Ghost-inZeShell(Topic Creator)Posted 3/19/2013 6:28:42 AM
I hope we get a new Crystal Chronicles.