Why is nintendo so strict on nintendo network id's?

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He said "gamers." I think he was referring to this...


That last sentence really sums up the reaction I would expect out of the stereotypical Xbox gamer, though.

Oh ok my mistake.

My apologies. I meant "gay names". Or the inclusion the word gay on your tag. Xbox is ok with that. Some people have the last name as Gay also.
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Because they think about the kids and their parents before anyone else. The kids+their parents>you. I'm not hating on or complimenting them for this. It just is what it is. I simply acknowledge it.
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Because Nintendo is the fisher price of online services
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Because Nintendo is the fisher price of online services

Hey, at least if you add a pedophile as your friend, all you have to do is destroy your console and then your tainted account will be gone forever. You can't do that with a PS3 or a 360. Nintendo is a genius.
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Because Nintendo is the fisher price of online services

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Not our fault you want people to call you murder

Okay, after reading your topics and responses, I can easily say you are entirely full of it.

There is nothing wrong with the word "Murder."

This is just more proof that Nintendo wants to stay "family friendly" to the point of being extremely safe (read: childish).
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It's to give idiots something to complain about.
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Because Nintendo live in the same fantasy world as most rating boards and moral crusaders where kids don't learn the F-word before age 15 and never use it once, where people don't start having sex until they're married, where LGBT doesn't exist, where prostitution doesn't exist, where the police is always nice and 100% fair, where courts are always 100% fair etc. [/derailed rant]
All these organizations for human rights, and yet noone cares about the victims of copyright law. ;(
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Nintendo doesn't allow gay games I think for gamers, they don't want to confuse the kids. But Xbox is ok with Gay and Transgender gamers.

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