Mother 2 (Earthbound) is out for Japanese Virtual Console now

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There are multiple ways that either NoA or NoJ could take care of Earthbound's possible legal trouble. It comes down to neither of them caring enough to.

Which is what we've been saying.

And it's NoJ. NoA makes no decisions pertaining to this.

NoA changed stuff in the original 1995 release to avoid legal troubles, they could easily do it again. If Reggie went to Iwata and told him he wanted to tweak Earthbound and put it on VC I doubt he'd have a problem with it.

the guy who made it WONT LET ANY ONE change it

he a stuburn old man who refuses to compromise

probly why he has sliped into obscurity since mother 3

Shigesato Itoi is an iconic individual in Japan for far bigger reasons than just being the creative mind for the Mother series, if that's who you're talking about.
"Slipped into obscurity" is pretty much relative to the nation in question here.
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