If we ever get Gamecube VC games, how much do you think they'll cost?

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You blew selling them when you removed the Gamecube BC from the Wii. Sony is losing trying to sell PS2 games after doing the same to the NA 60gb PS3. Even after you had to buy a one use only $19.99 accessory to put the PS2 memory card on the PS3. Aaah believe me Sony ass is out for doing that to system that cost some $700.00. You must be out of your freaking minds!

Oh and most of you on this board are in the Game Industry and your ass is suffering for it also.

It was Endgame serious thing to do, you idiot! ....... and Nintendo is following that lame game suite. Hurting for it too. So many other ways to get your gaming on besides Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. You are finding out. You Thieves!!!

Same for your greedy asses on ebay and Amazon also.

What the **** are you babbling about?

No! No! What don't you understand!
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It all depends on how well The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD sells. I will be buying that game of course. If the Ps3 is any indication with all the HD remakes that have been dumped on that system we may see a wave of HD remakes on the Wii U. If they do get alot of HD remakes we may not have many VC GC games and they may be cheaper.
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In Australia? $25.
In America? $15.

Us Aussies always get screwed with gaming...

Get an international credit card and buy games for their US prices...

Nintendo region locks so you can't.
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