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Why are there so many clones in the ssb roster?
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warnedmonkey22110/25 11:50AM
What Wii U games do you see becoming rare/expensive over time?Mandrew257710/25 11:49AM
Matthewmatosis is starting a series of reviews on the 3D Mario games
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wiiking962510/25 11:49AM
Do you think Bayonetta 2 will become "rare"?PangLa910/25 11:47AM
So, a 90+ metascore is pretty much confirmed at this point?
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bernbebeer1610/25 11:43AM
When I picked up Bayonetta 2 at gamestop I was called a gamer
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Maverick_Reznor3010/25 11:42AM
Has the external storage problem been solved yet?tyrannosauryogi310/25 11:34AM
People are far too close minded in regards to the future of 3D Mario
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wiiking963510/25 11:19AM
Codes to unlock secret characters (including Bayonetta) in TW101 revealed.Metua310/25 11:11AM
Anybody else want to see a comeback of Banjo-Kazooie style 3D Platformers?
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Bat1782810/25 11:11AM
Both the Wii and the Wii U's NES emulator have color issuesAnthonM2210/25 11:02AM
have you purchased bayonetta 2 yet? (Poll)
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power_troll1810/25 10:48AM
The top rated original game so far this year
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Swickman811310/25 10:47AM
Is there any NEW music for ssb U?jobvd_alt810/25 10:43AM
Do we really want Nintendo to buy Capcom?
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Transdude6310/25 10:42AM
So it true that Bayonetta 2 is out of stock in most retail stores?
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docman8641510/25 10:42AM
Whelp time to buy a Wii U
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DBZ_Dave1710/25 10:06AM
Hypothetical Smash Bros Dlcbicboi64610/25 9:52AM
RadBrad does his first Nintendo playthrough on youtube for Bayonetta 2docman864710/25 9:52AM
can I transfer saves between systems?dudupupu410/25 9:43AM