So apparently the high cost of the WiiU is due to the gamepad.

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Baffles me how people hate resistive touch screen.
I don't like the touch screen of conventional tablets/phones because any accidental touch and it registers the command. So very annoying...

Would having non-resistive (don't know what it's called) touch screen be more expensive? Maybe Nintendo did it to keep costs down.

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So apparently smoking causes lung cancer

Yes, it does. Quit smoking guys.

It's called capacative. And yes, it would probably be more expensive. Which is why a tablet controller was stupid anyway; iPads cost more than gaming cnsoles, really. But being half-***** with it and using old resistive tech was an even worse idea because it added too much to the cost of the system, forcing them to use crappy hardware, AND resistive touch kind of stinks to boot.
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Resistive is better for games, and swiss is better for pastrami.
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High cost.... of the Wii U...

Which is probably going to be the cheapest of the three consoles....

Something isn't adding up here.

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