Frozen during "game" instillation, here is what worked for me.

#1_Thr33_Posted 3/23/2013 9:01:52 AM
I downloaded Wii Street U. After a fast download, I went to install. It did a little bit of the installation then froze and the time counter kept going up, and reached about five hours before I knew something wasn't right. I also knew if I turned it off, I would have bricked my Wii U and who wants that? Yet, Nintendo support was not open to call at the time.

I searched and found a thread on Nintendo's support forms where a poster made a suggestion about putting a game disc, or ejecting if you doing an install FROM a disc and it WORKED. The funny thing is I had NO game disc inside the machine, this was all done on the eShop. My Wii U just decided to freeze up upon instillation of a downloadable game and putting a disc in got the install to "pick-up" again and before you knew it, I was safe.

I hope others find this post. This will work.
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#2Faceman_Posted 3/23/2013 11:29:49 AM
Turning off your Wii U while installing will only brick it if it's a system update. Worst case scenario for an app is that you have to redownload it.