Are some people actually AGAINST an achievement system?

#1CaioNVPosted 3/23/2013 10:16:14 AM
I love them so much, I truly want Nintendo to add it.
The first game that I ever played with achievements was... Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. A Wii game! I loved it, both basic achievements (kill boss on a certain difficulty, kill a boss on a higher difficulty) and the crazy friends voucher-thing. /coolstorybro
Anyway, I think it is likely that Nintendo may add it in the future. Does someone hope that this does NOT happen?
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#2SaintZetsuPosted 3/23/2013 10:20:46 AM
If the achievements stay within the game and aren't part of some points system, that's fine. It's stupid to buy games just to rack up achievement points.
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#3HaloOfTheSun442Posted 3/23/2013 10:21:31 AM
I really don't care.
#4DTY3Posted 3/23/2013 10:24:12 AM
Yes some people are. You should have seen the amount of pissed off Nintendo fans when we thought the Wii U was getting them.
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#5GloryChaosPosted 3/23/2013 10:29:50 AM
Some people are adamant against it, yes. Options are a good thing, so I don't really see the problem.

Myself? I prefer unlockables and could care less. I usually ignore achievements in most games. Usually.
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#6DucePosted 3/23/2013 10:30:12 AM
Nintendo fanboys are against achievement system because Nintendo didn't come up with the idea first.
#7shaunmePosted 3/23/2013 10:32:51 AM
Baha is against it simply because Wii U doesn't have it.
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#8bskiffingtonPosted 3/23/2013 10:33:32 AM
Im not against it but I also don't feel like it's required like some people do. The Wii U not having achievements isn't a huge deal, developers could include them in their games on their own if they really wanted to (like the Medal system in Pokmeon Black and White 2).
#9jsb0714Posted 3/23/2013 10:34:07 AM
I'm not against them but I don't see the need to raise a stink about them either.
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#10Kiro_namiPosted 3/23/2013 10:34:56 AM
HaloOfTheSun442 posted...
I really don't care.

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