You know what would boost Metroid & Pikmin's sales?

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AceMos posted...
why would metorid make a good trillogy

it has 9 main games

Product fatigue. Making more than 3 metroid films would be a mistake.

Metroid manga/Metroid II - Movie 1
Super Metroid with some Zero Mission flashbacks - Movie 2
Metroid Fusion - Movie 3

zatOMG posted...
If that were even remotely true it would have already been done. Its not true, though, so itll never happen. Keep dreamin'!

Nintendo is not exactly well known for making good decisions. Neither are Sony and Microsoft (specially these two).

SegavsCapcom posted...
A Pikmin anime sounds entertaining.

And if there is going to be a Metroid movie, I want it to be directed by Michael Bay.