A Link to the Past on the virtual console? And what other releases?

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I'm sure that it is, but I can't confirm it at the moment.

And what other ways was it released? Wasn't there a GBA version? It was NOT included in the GC collector's edition with the NES Zeldas. Was it packaged in any other compilations?
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And, mods, this a discussion about the virtual console on the Wii U and Wii, so don't you dare delete this because you mistakenly believe it's off topic.
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You can play this game on the SNES, the GBA as part of the Four Swords Adventures, as well as on the Wii VC for $8.

I personally believe Nintendo will do some sort of Zelda promotion with the eShop prior to WindWaker HD. They did this with Mario on the 3DS last year, selling older games for a substantial discount in price. I would love this game to be knocked down in price since I actually played this 2 years ago on the GBA. Still may favorite Zelda.
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