Dragon Quest Takes Over Japanese Convenience Stores

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Feel heroic as you buy your morning coffee.

Lawson convenience stores in Japan will be getting a makeover starting March 30 to promote the upcoming Japanese Wii U Dragon Quest release.

The result of teamwork between Square Enix and Lawson, stores will be decorated in an Astoltia motif until May 7. Certain stores will also stock replica Hero and Sky Swords with Slime-themed shopping bags.

Dragon Quest X has been available in Japan for the Wii since August 2012 and will arrive on the Wii U on March 30.

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That is so cool!
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I'd love to live in Japan. All this stuff would seem relatively normal, and I'd be perceived as one of the cool people!
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That is awesome lol
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digiblaster posted...
I'd love to live in Japan.

Me too.
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Reminds me of when American 7-Elevens turned their stores into Kwik-E-Marts when the Simpsons movie came out back in 2007.
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i bless thee free from the devil with the number 7
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As cool as this is, what I really want t see is a news article with this headline:

"Dragon Quest X English Release Confirmed"

Come on Square-Enix.... do it already!
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Still waiting on Dragon Quest 7 to come to the US...
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That's the magic of the KONBINI STOOOOOORE
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