C/D Nintendo has been in decline since playstation hit the scene

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HUGE C, any opin otherwise is sadly fantasy.
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Wake me up when a nintendo console surpass PS2 in sales and quality games.

No console will ever hit 150 million ever again. there is too much competition. Wake me up when you grow up and stop arguing about plastic

This. It'll be a long, long while before we ever see another console like the PS2 or another handheld like the DS reach those very huge sales.
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If anything, sony themselves have been in decline since playstation exists.
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I mean once the playstation came out I jumped ship to that instead of getting the n64 and I really didn't miss out on much. The n64 has no rpgs while the playstation flourished in the rpg department and in almost every other genre. Nintendo lost so many devs and franchises over to the playstation. The ps1 was the first console that made gaming very big and accessible to both kids and adults. There were a ton of mature games that nintendo would not allow on their console at that time. Once the gamecube failed nintendo has just been focused on gimmicks instead of the core games that made their systems great in the old days which is a disappointment to me. I am not a fanboy even though I have the playstation logo as a tattoo. I feel that nintendo still has not been able to recover from the massive damage that the playstation inflicted upon it

Agreed 100% !
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wii won the last console generation
so...decline ? lol

wii just sold alot of motion to casual ppl... but for the core hardcore gamers they loose. Quality over quantity my friend.
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Deny. The Wii, plus the DS confirm this.
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I'll admit the ps2 was legendary but overall I enjoy Nintendo's systems a lot more. This isn't to say that Sony doesn't have its strong points. I just don't care enough about them.
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The n64 has no rpgs

Apparently you've never heard of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Ahem...hoh...hmm..how to put this.

Ocarina of Time? Not an RPG.

Paper Mario?
Quest 64?
Ogre Battle 64?
Aidyn Chronicles?
Hybrid Heaven?

While it didn't have many, you cannot say that it had none.

You just listed all five RPGs the N64 had. Good job. You just proved his point.

N64 had no rpgs. That's pathetic. Combined with the lack of fighting games,I'm surprised that people call this their favorite system.

Since you people like to act as economists and crunch numbers so often, I'll remind you that 5, in fact, does not equal 0.
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