Do you think Nintendo should try to make up with EA?

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Yes, the Wii U might actually get some of the AAA games that the other platforms are enjoying.

Hit EA games like:

Microtransaction Space 3
Madden 2014: The Minor Roster Update
BattleField: War, it never changes, so why should the game?

Hey, you forgot Medal of Mediocrity and Army of Who Gives a Crap.
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typical wiiu board.........

its getting more and more boring......
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I'm actually starting to believe that EA and Nintendo's relationship isn't as bad as we all want to believe. That Eurogamer article was very eye opening as DICE could have stomped all over Nintendo/Wii U, but they didn't. If EA had no future support for Wii U planned. That is exactly what they would have done.

This is a transition period. Which means uncertainty for console manufacturers and developers. It's only 10x magnified on Nintendo because their new console has to weather the storm first.