Nintendo isn't about third party games!!! They are about first party games!!!

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Mario Kart and 3D Mario this year, Wind Waker HD, and a new Zelda some time in 2014.

As for Smash Bros, we've been told we'll see screenshots at E3, though they hinted rather heavily that they hope to have a trailer to show us. IIRC, it was just under two years from showing us a trailer to release for SSBB, so we should have the new Smash Bros in a couple of years. Not great, but with all the other games that we know about (as well as the ones we don't) I think we can get by.

Mario Kart isn't confirmed for 2013 yet (If it is, it better not be rushed like 7.)

I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure they confirmed both Mario Kart and the 3D Mario would be set for release this year. I think they mentioned it in the ND when they said they'd both be playable at E3. I shall check...


I think I've made a mistake here. The ND didn't actually mention it; this may have been something I read elsewhere. It may have also been speculation, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them try and get it out in time for the holidays.
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There's also that Sly 4 game, and IDK if you count Ni No Kuni since it's exclusive but not made by a 1st party dev.
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What first party games that people actually want are there for PS3 or Xbox 360?
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How is Sony relevant to this topic? No comparison was made.

He posted a topic talking about how in the past few years, Nintendo didn't make any games and was sitting on their *** doing nothing, contrasting with Sony making games. I proved otherwise, he implied he was talking about since November, I proved him wrong again, he ceased responding after that. I want my answer.

You didn't prove me wrong on anything and I never implied since November.
You listed games that were either for 3DS, were ports, rehashes or not out yet/or even announced.How am I supposed to respond to fanboy levels of this calibur?
You want a reasonable conversation, start by being reasonable.

You wanted evidence to prove that Nintendo aren't lazy ********. I gave that to you by stating games that they either made or are making. The creation of things is not lazy.

Then you started narrowing down the line by saying that they aren't out yet, therefore they don't count. OK, so the 3DS still counts. Then you narrowed it further by saying only the Wii U counted, apparently. So in response, I want games made by Sony that came out since November, when the Wii U launched.
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There's also that Sly 4 game, and IDK if you count Ni No Kuni since it's exclusive but not made by a 1st party dev.

Sly's good, Ni No Kuni's not, since Lego City was mentioned in the previous topic, and was cast aside like a wet piece of paper.