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"Your Reward has already been redeemed" WHAT??Nintenfan145684/1 9:31AM
New nintendo system called Wii NX or wii next.StarmanAnthony54/1 9:30AM
Need Help Choosing RewardDrOmeletteman24/1 9:30AM
OMGosh - there's MORE to the CN rewards, my friends!!!!!!!
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YHWH_Saves124/1 9:29AM
final club nintendo rewards are a let down
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AceMos214/1 9:29AM
Wind Waker HD is my #1 most wanted game (And only wanted game) on this system.
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NewportBox100s3214/1 9:26AM
Is the NFC Antenna in the 3DS Peripheral Identical to the Wii U Gamepad AntennaKingDoodleDong44/1 9:20AM
I'm now a member (well tomorrow when it gets delivered) of the Wii U club.Brass_Eye94/1 9:17AM
Since I didn't really like DKC returns on 3DS might I like Tropical Freeze?WhiteWolf33874/1 9:11AM
External HDDfirestorm930534/1 9:09AM
New DLC Character Leaked
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FestiveMomo164/1 9:03AM
Why are people complaining about Nintendo removing the SM64 HD remake?
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jstewart01414/1 9:02AM
how much longer until the direct?
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druskie114/1 8:58AM
Nintendo direct leaksUnclePanda54/1 8:57AM
Advice for people unhappy with the Platinum rewardsnonexistinghero74/1 8:56AM
Why does Club Nintendo NEVER work?????Pnkgoldpeach24/1 8:55AM
graphics on multiplat gamesdaverraver714/1 8:54AM
I don't think anybody else posted it yet, somehowKrambo42104/1 8:51AM
Club Nintendo is refreshing.HeroC11414/1 8:41AM