Lets have a civilized discussion. Realistically what are Nintendo's options?

#1MrDrippyPosted 3/29/2013 9:24:04 PM
Particularly to gain third party support?

I'm very confident we'll see a good amount of 1st party games by fall like Mario Kart, New Mario, Bayonetta 2, PIkmin 3, Wonderfull 101, Wind Waker HD and possibly Yoshi Land. Nintendo games always sell consoles.

That's one thing they'll do but what more? All trolling aside of course. Fanboys/trolls are so stupid.

I think a price cut will be beneficial in selling more units. They have to time it right to steal some momentum from PS4 and MS' next console (if it launches this year). I'm not really sure if selling more consoles will convince third party developers. Perhaps Nintendo should secure exclusivity with some games? That won't sit well with gamers that only own one console but it will get games to be Wii U exclusive. Or maybe pay to have exclusive Wii U content only.

It kinda sucks that a lot of games coming out for current consoles (360 and PS3) aren't even being considered to be ported to the Wii U especially when there is time for it. I'd like to see MGS Ground Zeroes on Wii U as well to name a few.

Its still a little too early. 3DS had a rough start and it's doing amazing right now! PS Vita looks to finally be picking up now. I'm just a little worried because all these publishers are announcing little to no support. Sure its publishers that mostly release crap but lots of ill informed people end up buying crap from EA, Ubisoft, and Activision. That's why they are big publishers.

I don't regret buying the Wii U at all and I seriously can't wait for the games coming out this year.

#2LoshadtPosted 3/29/2013 9:28:36 PM
Right now they don't really need to pander or reach out. What they need is their big first party titles to hit floor. Especially Smash Bros. which will more than likely cause it to fly off the shelves. As I recall the 3DS wasn't doing too hot either until that price drop and huge list of upcoming games.
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#3SmashBro25Posted 3/29/2013 9:31:44 PM
Good post.

I think, looking at the 3DS, it was able to gain momentum from a combination of price cut and new software- and, just as it may be with Wii U, that new software was led by a 3D Mario and Mario Kart.

Honestly, I think the Wii U is fairly priced at the moment, and we will have to see how Sony and MS price their consoles before considering a price cut. The 3DS price cut seemed logical, but only time will tell for the Wii U.

Unfortunately, I think with 3rd parties Nintendo's lack comes from a combination of factors that we as simple consumers can't entirely understand. Lack of power may have something to do with it, but going off interviews with game companies there seems to be this refusal to take Nintendo seriously, which I don't entirely understand. It often seems like developers make weird excuses as to why their games will skip Wii U (Tomb Raider, etc.) when it is quite clear that the games could easily be ported with no issue (Pro Controller says hi).

For me, and I'm sure for a lot of others, Nintendo systems are all about Nintendo games, though, so once they get the ball rolling with Mario and Smash and so forth, I think they'll do fine. The situation does remind me of the 3DS's, even though Nintendo said the same mistakes would not happen again. It's fine if they do, because if Wii U can pull off 2/3 the turn around the 3DS did, it will be successful.
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#4MrDrippy(Topic Creator)Posted 3/29/2013 9:32:34 PM
Loshadt posted...
Right now they don't really need to pander or reach out. What they need is their big first party titles to hit floor. Especially Smash Bros. which will more than likely cause it to fly off the shelves. As I recall the 3DS wasn't doing too hot either until that price drop and huge list of upcoming games.

Isn't Smash Bros. supposed to come out next year? Or has development sped up by now? They'll show it at E3 that's for sure. That will make people talk.
#5DBPanterAPosted 3/29/2013 9:38:50 PM
I think you are being very optimistic with the belief that all those 1st party titles you mentioned are going to arrive in the 2013 calender year. I would bet 1/2 do. While the January Nintendo Direct got everyone talking, Iwata clearly stated those games were in development. That does not mean we will see them this year.

If we were to see all those titles, what's left? It makes no sense to release that many titles, as consumers will have to choose which of the handful of games to buy, meaning the other games will not sell. I intend on purchasing most of those games, but they actually do need to space them out a bit.

In regards to 3rd party support, Nintendo and Sony really pushed hard at the PAX East convention last weekend to allow game developers for the smartphone/tablet market to have easier access to their on-line stores. While I personally do not feel $60 a game is expensive, considering how much entertainment one gets from playing, I feel the true key moving forward is to have a nice collection of digital games under $15 where people will pick them up without thinking. It also allows the larger studios to try out ideas before releasing a full retail game.

Many publishers are leery about Nintendo with the past history of 3rd party games on Nintendo platforms. Nintendo's competition also sweetens a lot of deals that are more attractive to 3rd party developers. This is something Nintendo has not done in the past. I also think that new IPs will hit the Wii U, such as Ubisoft's Watch Dogs, but for games that are sequels and prequels that have not previously been on a Nintendo console, I would not expect them to start. As long as Nintendo loosens its grips a bit, and shares their knowledge of the hardware with 3rd party support to make their jobs easier to develop on the platform, I would expect an increase in 3rd party support for the Wii U compared to the Wii, but ultimately, 3rd party support will throw all their titles on the next gen consoles.
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#6DemonDog666Posted 3/29/2013 9:50:42 PM
I really don't think they can get third party support, I mean for one third party support has never been that great or sold that great on Nintendo consoles and since the wii nobody is even taking them seriously.

Though I think the biggest reason is the wiiU is caught between ps3/360, I mean it's on the ps3/360 level but it doesn't have the install base and nobody has any experience working on it so it costs more to make a wiiU version and you are getting less sales and when ps4/next come out when it does start to get an install base it won't beable to play those games because it's last gen tech so developers don't see why they should bother with wiiU they have no short term or long term benefit.

I think Nintendo's only real option is to create an indie friendly zone but even with that they are miles behind Sony and MS they have made steps in the right direction but too little way too late if they want it to mean something they have to do alot more. Their only other option is just buying the support like they are doing with bayonetta's devs.
#7wugeezyPosted 3/29/2013 9:59:06 PM
They need to put money into publishing more titles through 2nd party studios and through partnerships the way they did with platinum games.

They also need to speak up about their plans. The Feb Nintendo direct was great, but it was never followed up again and the Wii u needs that hype more than ever.
#8Lord_KagatoPosted 3/29/2013 10:50:38 PM
Remember when this was a problem discussed in 2006 when it was revealed that the Wii wasn't as powerful as 360/PS3 and would therefore lose 3rd party support?

Remember when the Wii won the entire generation?
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#9ChipChippersonPosted 3/29/2013 10:52:27 PM
Honestly I think all they need to do is hang on and watch their competition implode.

I hold no ill will against MS or Sony but the modern development mindset of taking massive losses on hardware combined with $100 million dollar game budgets will be their undoing.

Slow and steady, they need to just keep doing their own thing and court the indies and up&coming devs like they're doing because those guys are the future, not games that need to sell 5 million copies to break even.
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#10silverbulltPosted 3/29/2013 10:57:04 PM
SmashBro25 posted...

For me, and I'm sure for a lot of others, Nintendo systems are all about Nintendo games,

This is the main reason Nintendo flops third-party wise.

Publishers are very aware of this sentiment. Can't say I blame them in this economy.
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