They should release the entire Mass Effect trilogy for this system.

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EA sucks, no new dlc and patches for the WiiU version, no wonder why it sold so poorly.
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They SHOULD'VE released the entire Mass Effect trilogy for this system
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#13DBPanterAPosted 4/1/2013 1:26:11 PM
Deedubau is correct in regard to the statements that video game companies need to make money.

There is little to no reason to put a game on a console when the work to put it onto the console costs more than the money made back. While people can currently complain about their being no games, the biggest issue is that Nintendo consoles for many generations have had low attachment rates for games (ie software/games sold divided by consoles sold) in comparison to their competition.

It is important that all current Wii U owners buy games now. Talk is talk. Try out a different genre or different sort of game. There are plenty of sales everywhere. If all people do is wait for the next Nintendo IP, it will be just like last gen. I enjoy 3rd party games, and would rather purchase their games on the Nintendo console rather than purchase another console to play the games.
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#14RockD79Posted 4/1/2013 2:38:22 PM
Yes but that would be too easy.
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