Is hating Nintendo and all things related to it the new "thing"?

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Cranman1982 posted...
N64 expansion pack

That's not really a flop. It came with DK64. They had banana yellow N64's that had both packed in. Admittedly in the end about only DK64 & ZeldaMM needed one. It was probably a flaw to have not given one away with ZeldaMM if you needed one. That probably cost a few sales on people who didn't get DK64.

Now the Nintendo DD that was a failure. But it took them too long to get it out by that time Sega was on Dreamcast & Sony was in thoughts of PS2. Basically if they had planed the N64 around it the gen probably would have gone better for Nintendo. They might have not even lost Square since DD offered multi-disk storage.

Really though the N64 expansion pack was just a piece of the DD showing they intended it from the start. All it rally shows is people don't want PC style upgrades in their consoles and almost no developers will use them.
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Is it beyond the realm of possibility that not everything nintendo touches is gold? They have had flops and the Virtual Boy was a prime example. The E-Reader another. N64 expansion pack; the list goes on.

Unfortunately it looks like the Wii U will follow suit. Third party support is vital for ANY console developer. 3rd parties are abandoning nintendo; not just the consumers. And consumers go where the games go.

And this generation games do not go to the Wii U.

No one said Nintendo is gold. Nice strawman.

The Wii proved Nintendo could succeed without third parties.

Third parties have "abandoned" Nintendo in every generation since the Nintendo 64.

Consumers went to the Wii. Third parties ignored that. Wii U could sell as much as the PS2 and still there would be excuses.

Do you think everyone has a short term memory?
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Consumers went to the Wii. Third parties ignored that. Wii U could sell as much as the PS2 and still there would be excuses.

What good is selling a lot of consoles if you can't move software on it? That's why developers abandoned the Wii. Of course third parties took note when they saw how fast the wii was selling; but once the novelty wore off people realised the wii was a gimmick with minimal software of quality.

That's why everyone went PS3/360 and if they had a wii it either got traded in or used as a backup console. I'm not trying to annoy anyone, but it is the truth.

From nintendo's horrible specs, limiting ports of popular 3rd party titles, to their gimped and uncomfortable control schemes, nintendo products have become a niche market.

If you buy a nintendo console you do so with the knowledge that nintendo will be the only one supporting it because third parties want next to nothing to do with nintendo anymore.