Why doesn't the wii u share the wii virtual console game?

#1teh1337gosuPosted 3/31/2013 2:08:30 PM
How do we know if we'll ever get smrpg or paper Mario again. I might have to buy them again on my backup backwards compatible Wii as my original Wii is launch.
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#2senelcoolidge_Posted 3/31/2013 2:09:36 PM
What exactly are you trying to express in this sentence?
#3teh1337gosu(Topic Creator)Posted 3/31/2013 2:12:56 PM
I want to backup Wii VC games as the Wii vc could die soon, and want to k ow if I should buy games on my 2nd Wii, or just wait for them to come out for Wii u vc.
Yvan eht nioj
#4senelcoolidge_Posted 3/31/2013 2:19:34 PM
Why would the Wii VC "die?" Even if that did happen for some strange reason it would just be absorbed by the Wii U VC, which by my understanding, is going to happen once the VC launches this summer.
#5Rival_Blue_1999Posted 3/31/2013 3:29:42 PM
So much fail in this topic.
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