I owe the users of this board an apology: A love letter to the wii u (blogfaqs)

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lol, no, sadly whats more accurate is that I was perfectly content with being just quiet pony who kept to myself. However after the ps4 board began getting raped by pc elitists like dark beta and sxmct, and wii u fanatics like kammyqueen and matthew manson, I began voicing my ill informed opinions to this board.

Kind of the whole, "they treated me like an animal, so an animal I became," kind of mentality, but you know what? After playing the system with my friends last night I realize that talking **** about the console on this board doesn't make me feel any better, sure I annoy the trolls that annoy me but I also bother a lot of good people who want to discuss the systems offerings, and while the wii u may not have many games I'm interested in yet, they do offer a completely different experience than it's competitors.
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Dat calendar.
Still waiting for Diddy Kong Racing 2
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Alot of my nongamer friends really like Nntendo Land. The other night, one them stood up, and stepped up to the tv while shoutting at Mario Chase. It was 3am, and I had family over, sleeping. Almost too good. ;)
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shaunme posted...
xxthewitnessx posted...
So I've been a pretty a vocal troll about Nintendo's most recent console, making fun of damn near anything I could find, the questionable hardware power for a next gen, the lack of third party support, and most of all the seemingly blind defenders on this very forum. Nothing was likely to convince me of the Wii U's value, or so I thought.

Yesterday, I decided to take a break from Bioshock Infinite and thought I'd try to finish Far Cry 3, a beautiful and highly polished game to say the least, but I get to a part of the game that completely disturbed me. For the sake of not giving away possible spoilers, I'll just say it involves fighting your way out a creepy guy's rape dungeon and leave it at that. I'm all for a mature story line in a game, but this just disturbed me.

Anyway, so later last night I go over to my friend's house and he has a wii u, the four of us play a board game, have some drinks etc, and we all decide to play a video game. His xbox doesn't have jack for four players and his only ps3 offerings are little big planet and modnation racers, so we decide to give the wii u a try. We do some ghost busting in nintendo land, play the rayman legends demo, and finish off with some new super mario brothers U. I just have to say that this was just the remedy for that disturbing ass shooter I was playing; and then it dawned on me, I've only been focusing on the negatives of the wii u when I haven't seen the good.

As gamers get older there's an expectation for games to mature with us, but the fact remains that simple fun with friends will never go out of style, and for that we have nintendo. I'm sorry for all the trolling I did to this board, some of it was out of blind fanboyism, some of it was a response to users trolling the ps4 board like Kammy, and Matthew Manson, but I've seen the light, and hopefully by E3 I'll be a proud member of Nintendo Nation!

For those willing to forgive me for my ignorance, I would love some advice on good games and accessories to get for my future Wii U. My go to console for just kicking back, and having fun!


If this isn't some elaborate April Fool's joke. I think that is what he's doing.
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Finally someone who gets it (hopefully, April Fools and all). You can give me numbers of hardware and benchmarks and specs all day, but in the end, all I care about are the games. For all my "1337 graphics" and "highest clocked processor" needs I have my computer that I can upgrade/rebuild. A console is outdated before they even ship so why care so much about those?

Nintendo always delivers with the games, even though it takes them a while to start churning them out.
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xxthewitnessx posted...
As gamers get older there's an expectation for games to mature with us, but the fact remains that simple fun with friends will never go out of style

April fools or not, this is going on my sig.

It's a true statement; despite your possible intentions.
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This is the truth of Nintendo and why I never cared too much about their online. I have 4 controllers for my PS3 and there are only a handful of games that are even worth playing that support local play. On the other hand, majority of my games I had on my Wii, and now Wii u, are great games to play locally with friends. Essentially, the PS3 became my single player machine and Wii was my group of friends machine.

Nintendo makes classically fun games. Nothing fancy, simple pure fun.

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One last question, if I'm getting my wii u by june, will it be worth it to pick up lego city undercover? I love good sandbox but by august I'll have Saint's Row 4 on my other console.

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today is April Fools Day...

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This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.