Threads about 3rd party games skipping the Wii U: WE DON'T CARE!!!

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Sharky8 posted...
Donomega posted...
I do care, I wish the Wii U would get Thief 4 and GTA V and all the other games passing it up cause Reggie is taking a nap instead of securing games for the Wii U

Is that Grand Theft Auto? Really, grow the f up. You get your giggles playing a game killing hookers, stealing cars, and with no particular purpose at all?

And people call Mario childish? Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto is just degenerate.

Although most of this topic is lol, I can kinda support this statement.
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Threads about Sharky8's thoughts on what the Wii U needs: WE DON'T CARE!!!

Seriously, aside from the obvious TOU violations you do (you're welcome, btw, love you), what do you bring to the board?