Nintendo should stick to making Nintendo games, and not emulate Bioshock

#1PaladinAlikPosted 4/2/2013 5:58:58 PM
Nintendo is all about gameplay, usually involving simple mechanics and taking them in directions you never would have imagined. Nintendo doesn't focus on deep narratives or atmosphere like games like Bioshock. It simply wants to make an enjoyable experience.

But if you do want atmosphere, one would argue that games like Zelda and Metroid ooze atmosphere. Cruising through the Phazon Mines or the Chozo ruins, Brinstar Depths. These have all been highly immersive, even as far back as the 16bit era.

Zelda's temples and overworld have always been great. Running through the overworld in Twilight Princess was thrilling and fun, traveling through random caves in Link to the Past a sheer joy. Skyview temple's webs could easily cause a case of arachnophobia.

Nintendo has never made a huge focus of their story which isn't such a bad thing because the games have benefited from a greater emphasis on gameplay. It's the reason why Nintendo has THE best first party games: They know how to craft deep immersive gameplay.

Should they ever go the Bioshock route I fear for what will become of gaming.
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The Bioshock route would be atmosphere though, right? I don't understand what you're saying..
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He is is worried that nintendo games might in the future try to copy bioshock. They haven't really even tried to do that yet so i don't know why he is concerned.