Deus Ex- a lot of effort for a game that will only sell 250,000 copies surely?

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What platform are you talking about? On WiiU it'll be lucky to sell 50,000 copies. Nintendo people are happy to buy Mario game 201 but will be damned if they buy third party software unless Mario, link, samus are on the cover too.
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Being familiar with the design process, I can safely say that this port probably had no more than $10 Million spent on it, and that's the high estimate, I'd actually predict about $5 Million was the budget for porting. Seeing as the foundation's already there, a few upgrades I figure wouldn't cost too much. Seeing as the game will cost $60 brand new, I'd estimate that Square Enix only needs to sell about 83,000 to recoup its budget, something that shouldn't be too hard to do in the Wii U's software recession, and the fact that this game is confirmed to be the definitive version, console or pc.

Publishers don't actually get $60 profit for each game sold.

The budget for everything, including advertising, production, and development, is included in the $5 Million, when now I think about it should go to about 10 to 15 Million. This is just a rough estimate since I don't want to go too in depth about the design and development process regarding the industry.
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