Developer Interview: Neko Entertainment on Kung Fu Rabbit's WiiU Debut

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So now making stuff up equals "reading between the lines"?

no, reading between the lines equals reading between the lines, stop making stuff up

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I don't understand why you guys/gals are debating with "Bridge Dwellers". Mark em'/ Ignore em', move the f*** on, got this board finally cleared of most of the cockroaches....finish off the rest before they mate and make the by good looking and nice find T.C.
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ew his game didn't sell 132 million copies kill it
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Why do you feel the need to post about bad indie titles? It makes the Wii U look more pathetic and I highly doubt you really care for this.

I've bought almost every eShop game on the Wii U and a ton of games on the DS. Good games are good games.

I agree i think i am only missing one so far on the eshop and thats just because i am so backed up on all the other games im playing.