I like the Wii U... I'll probably like it more than last generation.

#1Finale_WandererPosted 4/5/2013 2:18:50 AM
So what if it doesn't have a great selection of amazingly great exclusive titles. That's fine with me, personally. Look at the gamecube, it only had four games when it first came out and only one was actually something that interested me. I really like the gamecube, a lot I may add. The Wii U actually had a really solid launch line up which are usually not very great to begin with in the first place.

Personally, I am just now ready for HD consoles. Mainly because I wasn't able to convince my parents when I was younger to get a new HDTV. I played the Wii a lot and loved it. Once I got myself a HDTV during college and played the PS3 with my roommates did I really like it. I played it at displays but the games never really interested me.

Some people may be surprised when I say this but I really don't care how graphically superior the PS4 and the next Microsoft consoles are. It really depends on the quality of the games which of the last generation really landed with Nintendo. I would rather play 40 hour Skyward Sword than even 1 hour of Skyrim. Skyrim is actually one of my least favorite games I've ever play but I know that's probably just me. So what if those consoles can play games that have the Unreal Engine, I have yet to even play a game made by Epic that actually appeals to me. I hate the FPS genre with every fiber of my being. I don't even like Bioshock and that game is seen as very, very good by most people.
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