Looks like nobody's copying the Wii U or supporting Nintendo's vision for gaming

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Woah, Ace has some serious Anal complications, was there too much positive news on the Vita board today?
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Nintendo hasn't proven its newest gimmick yet.

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ThaPrinceRaziel posted...
Woah, Ace has some serious Anal complications, was there too much positive news on the Vita board today?

Keep showing that maturity, Sony fans.
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Like the PS4 controller's, the nex Xbox controller is also rumored to not feature a screen. Why is this bad for the Wii U? This makes third party support for Wii U versions of future games more difficult because devs will need to spend time making use of the screen on the Wii U's gamepad. This means shoehorning in functionality that wasnt needed nor in mind for the game since the other versions wont have it.

It honestly feels like Nintendo just created a problem for themselves raising the Wii U prive by having a screen on the controller that will hardly ever be used

I believe they are already calling it a gimmick

And most say it is a good gimmick.

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Wow! It really does offend you that Nintendo just doesn't want to follow the status quo and prefers doing there own thing. I got news for you buddy. YOU don't own Nintendo. If they want to do things different than Sony and Microsoft they have every right to.

I'm sorry that Nintendo doesn't want to suck the life out of the industry by catering to the shallow high specs standard that has proven to be unsustainable for the increasing number of devs that have closed their doors this past generation.

The truth is that this industry will crash if it doesn't change the highly expensive specs mentality. But that's okay. As long as all you entitled manchildren get your graphic fix, that's all that matters, right?
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To say that the tablet hasn't been used well in any game released thus far is wrong. I know that views are divided on ZombiU, but it still uses the screen on the GamePad to great effect, and it wouldn't be the same game without it.

Also, I'm pretty sure that Nintendo's not forcing the use of the GamePad screen at all. If devs want, they can just avoid using it altogether. It's optional, from what I've heard.
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Yeah, because Microsoft's smartglass and Sony's PS4 never ever drew inspiration from the Wii U's tablet controller. That's why when Nintendo announced the Wii U for the first time (back in 2011) Microsoft and Sony didn't announce anything new hardware-wise, yet, back in 2012 (one year after the Wii U first reveal) Microsoft announces Smartglass, and Sony announces the DS4's touch pad (Embedded right in the middle, just like the Wii U) months after, during the PS4 reveal.

Yeah, mere coincidence. Sony and Microsoft are not drawing inspiration for these touch enabled devices used in console gaming AT ALL.
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Smartglass and Vita

Yeah, they did it as always (:
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pb topics are the most entertaining ones on this board made by one of "them". They are all so stupid and meaningless.
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PhaseBlack posted...
Plus the Vita being used to stream games Is yet another rip-off of the WiiU. A very expensive rip-off at that.

Remote Play has existed since 2005, you can play Lair on your PSP from PS3 the same way you'll be doing it on PS4 + Vita. You just make yourself and all other Nintendo fanboys look like they have their head so far up Nintendo's ass that they cant even reason well

Remote Play was just a ripoff of GameCube to GameBoy Advance connectivity. You just make yourself and all other Sony fanboys look like they have their head so far up Sony's as that they can't even reason well.

Also, it's worth nothing that Remote Play was useless and abandoned by Sony. They even hyped it up for connectivity between PS3 and Vita, and then never even ATTEMPTED to provide that functionality.
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This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.