Top 10 Most Wanted Dream Games for Wii U - Sonic Adv. 3 VS Majora's Mask Remake

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Which one of the following games would be the closest to a dream coming true for you? Please post reason why. - Results (33 votes)
Sonic Adventure 3 (with Chao Garden and treasure hunting levels, no boosting and slippery controls)
39.39% (13 votes)
Remake of Majora's Mask (See Fanmade Trailer in Post)
60.61% (20 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Remake of Majora's Mask:

Current Battles
MM-TP vs SF:
SA3 vs MM: You are here

For those who weren't there during the Top 10 Most Anticipated Wii U Games, there's a reason why the word current is used for the rankings, they can change. For the rankings to be fail-safe, each game must fight the one right below. For those who don't understand the reasoning behind this, let's say that Rock received the least votes when put against Paper and Scissor and thus gets eliminated. In the next round, Paper wins against Scissor in a popularity contest and is branded the winner. Rock then gets second place by winning against Scissor. But is Rock really less popular than Paper? What if everyone who voted Scissor preferred Rock over Paper? The only way to be sure about who really wins when there are multiple candidates is to have an absolute majority, however this doesn't always happen on paper. Finally, in order to let number 10 fights for its title, it was important to determinate a number 11.

*NEWS* Chrono Break dethroned Metroid Dread and claimed first place.

Current Rankings
1st: Chrono Break
2nd: Metroid Dread
3rd: Skies of Arcadia 2
4th: Metroid Prime 4
5th: Pokémon Stadium 3
6th: The Legend of Zelda (Between MM and TP)
7th: New Star Fox
8th: The Legend of Zelda: HD Collection
9th: Super Mario RPG U
10th: Sonic Adventure 3
11th: Remake of Majora's Mask

Previous Battles
MD > SoA2:
SoA2 > ZHDC:
PS3 > MM-TP:
PS3 > MM:
SF > SA3:
CB > MD:
CB > SoA2:
SoA2 > MP4:
MP4 > PS3:

Winning Rule
+90.00% (20 votes)
+75.00% (25 votes)
+60.00% (30 votes)
+57.50% (35 votes)
+55.00% (40 votes)
+52.50% (45 votes)
+50.00% (50 votes)
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I'm French speaking.
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Bump again.
I'm French speaking.
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can't vote, I still haven't played MM. I will soon though and SA3 would be nice if Sega follows what they did with Generations and Colors
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