What noise does your Wii U make when you turn it on?

#11Skill4ReelPosted 4/7/2013 7:11:40 AM
It sounds like the beginning of the House of Pain - Jump Around track.
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gfaqster posted...
Socran posted...

But yeah, no, I don't notice any noise when I start it up. Certainly not loud whirring.

so there is no noise whatsoever when you turn on your wii u?

no fans, no whir or vrrr noise?
nothing nothing at all?

damn now I'm scared :/

None that's immediately noticeable, but I don't know how easily you notice things, so for all I know, it could be the same. One thing's for sure, reports are inconsistent as to whether or not it's louder than a PS3. I know my PS3 is louder, but others claim their Wii U is louder, and it's unclear which of whose systems is the one being abnormally loud.

I do know that nobody who's reported noises has led up to some kind of catastrophic meltdown. So, at worst, a noise is a noise.
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