Would buy Super Mario Sunshine 2 if it was confirmed?

#41snowboard340Posted 4/7/2013 9:06:37 PM
This might actually make me want to buy a wii u. I have 0 desire for one right now, which will only change a little when pikmin comes out.
#42AkaneJonesPosted 4/7/2013 9:17:04 PM
This sort of poll is very intermediate I can't say either way since I can't tell what such a game would curtail. All I can say is a SMS2 would likely have Mario with the Fludd and Shine Sprites instead of stars. It would also likely have large open world levels. The thing is there is no suggestion that it would have the same homogeneistic level theming, the same closes off levels, or the same story focus. We can't confirm yoshi to be water soluble or that we are forced to play clean up as a main mechanic. It's just a game name. Or are you really saying you want them to make the same game with altered level layouts and no new themes?

Because the truth is there are many things SMS got right, but that's not it. A sequel SMS would truly need a new story and a new local, so it would likely avoid many of the flaws. It doesn't even need to use the flood the same way to clean up stuff. And I'm sure if blue coins returned they'd have a ghosted feature for the ones you've already collected like start coins do, mitigating the issue with collecting them, not that they'd even need them to be collected for beating the game.