I dreamt that in "real life" I argued the merits of the Wii U over the PS4

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3 years ago#1
In my dream the Play Station advocate all of a sudden said to me, out of the middle of no where, that the Playstation 4 was going to be a repeat of the PS2. I was just walking down the street, and he trolled me in real life. He said the Wii U was going to be a complete failure.

I told him that the Wii U had already sold millions of units. I told him that the Wii had dominated the competition. I told him that Sony's video game division wasn't in very good financial shape in respect to other parts of the company, and that Sony could very easily be completely gone in the coming decades or that the video game division would be reduced or eliminated.

He said "just look at the N64 and how terribly it did. The pixels were jagged and hurt my eyes to look at them." I told him how fun and well received Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time were, and how they are now two of the best video games ever made. He didn't care, because he said they didn't look pretty. I told him later the N64 had an expansion pack.

The conversation went on and on like this. Talking all about whether the Wii U would be successful or not. I will stop the story here and highlight the main points:

1. I would NEVER have this type of conversation in real life. So, perhaps, it's kind of ridiculous that we have them on a message board?
2. The Sony fanboy trolled me as I was minding my own business walking down the street in my dream. Kind of like how the Sony fanboys troll the Wii U board for no particular reason.

3. Let's all reflect for a moment: is it really worth having many of the Wii U discussions we have? Are they accomplishing anything?
3 years ago#2
Wii U booty.
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3 years ago#3
You must have a sad, boring life.
Pour grammer annoy's me
3 years ago#4
Are they accomplishing anything?

I believe it's actually appropriate for Rasputin to give one of his usual responses for once!

But no, these arguments aren't worth having. I'm pretty sure most people who keep coming back to these tired arguments simply do this for fun.
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3 years ago#5
TrueBlue91 posted...
You must have a sad, boring life.

Yep. This is what happens when you ware Mario PJ's to bed.
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3 years ago#6
Oh, and pics or it didn't happen (lol)
Pour grammer annoy's me
3 years ago#7
TrueBlue91 posted...
You must have a sad, boring life.

In this age of infinitely grand misanthropy, don't we all? I mean, we are all members of this useless board, right?

ON TOPIC: I actually have had a gamer (I refuse to use terms like Sony Pony or nintendrone whatever) come up to me and s*** talk the U. He did this because he knew how much of a supporter/consumer I am of the company.

"So, the U freezes a lot, I hear."

"Mine hasn't really. I don't know anyone in real life who has had the problem."

"My friend hates his Wii U."

"That was a poor purchase decision on his part then."


At which point, realizing I wouldn't take his bait, he walked away. Probably wishing he had a Wii U. ;)
3 years ago#8
TrueBlue91 posted...
You must have a sad, boring life.

I agree.
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3 years ago#9
Basically the point is this: if you wouldn't argue it in real life, then why would you waste your time arguing it on a message board?

Our arguments aren't persuading anyone. Everyone here already has an opinion. No one comes to gamefaqs to read the Wii U board to determine whether they should buy it, or goes to the PS4 board to decide whether they should buy that.

So why are we arguing when our minds are already made up?
3 years ago#10
TrueBlue91 posted...
You must have a sad, boring life.
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