How much is a Brand New Skyward Sword worth?

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User Info: uJellyBeanz

3 years ago#11
Are these rare? I have 2 unopened.
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User Info: EternalWolf

3 years ago#12
That is a great price, currently.

I paid $150 via buy it now, and was very pleased as it was in perfect condition. By perfect I mean perfect, the box had no slight wear, the inlay was set perfectly/couldnt see the holes from the outside like you can with almost every Wii game etc... and the Wiimote worked great. Plus I got a "free" new gold nunchuck which justified the price(went to a used game store and took pictures of about 20 club Nintendo slips, almost all of them worked).

I got lucky with Xenoblade, only paid like 75 or something sealed around the release of the Wii U(guy had like 10).

In my opinion, SS is "worth" a solid $100. 50 for the game, 50 for the Wiimote+Soundtrack. But I never buy used unless I have to, and the only game I remember buying used was Blood Omen before the PS3 was released and proper emulation was available(the PC version has screen tearing, Blood Omnicide wasnt even in development).

User Info: trenken

3 years ago#13
They are right around $120.
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