"Only One New Super Mario Bros. Game Per System, Says Iwata"

#71kingbadjoPosted 4/9/2013 6:36:23 PM
What's the problem?
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I thought the reason was that people were complaining about the exact opposite thing with Super Mario Galaxy 2- that is, that it should have been an expansion pack to the original game and not a separate release.

I thought people considered galaxy 2 to be the better game?

They generally do. That said, it used the same engine as Galaxy 1, and was built off of different ideas that did not make the first game.
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Eh, if that were the case, I'm still happy about it. It just means I won't have to pay full price for essentially a new game.

Depends on how much the "DLC" actually is

I''m expecting about $25 tops for it. Fairly sure it won't be much more expensive than that.
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