How dominate would the Wii U be if it came out last gen?

#1Excuse_MePosted 4/10/2013 4:36:00 PM(edited)
instead of the Wii, what if Nintendo actually decided to develop and release a true hd console back during the time when the PS3/360 released?

And without the casual crap of the original wii?

Perhaps developers would have taken it a lot more seriously, and we'd be seeing more mature games on the wii u?
#2kingbadjoPosted 4/10/2013 4:39:03 PM
it would be overkill....

The wii outsold the other systems by almost 25mil.... without HD. Horrible online. and not many multi platforms.
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#3IloveElitePosted 4/10/2013 4:40:26 PM
The grammar fail in your title makes me cry.
#41shadetail1Posted 4/10/2013 4:43:28 PM
Probably not in the slightest. It would have been just another HD console.
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#5art_of_the_killPosted 4/10/2013 4:44:01 PM
kingbadjo posted...
it would be overkill....

The wii outsold the other systems by almost 25mil.... without HD. Horrible online. and not many multi platforms.

Implying the Wii wasn't only successful because of it's appeal towards casuals and non-gamers.
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IloveElite posted...
The grammar fail in your title makes me cry.

I feel the same way every time I look at your user name.
#7_Shikoba_Posted 4/10/2013 4:54:44 PM
It would have been an HD console along with the other HD consoles. As it is now and was before, they are behind and apparently will remain that way. I enjoy my Wii U, but I can admit I don't see much dominating happening in the near future.
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#8idrc82Posted 4/10/2013 4:55:10 PM
Dont think it would make much difference as far as impressions go. Maybe another gamecube? Haters would still talk trash and find faults with it as they have in previous generations.
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#9Hiten Mitsurugi SPosted 4/10/2013 4:57:24 PM
Uh, terribly. It would have cost like $700.
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#10CranberryPSOPosted 4/10/2013 5:07:29 PM
Everyone loves to shout "Casual casual casual!" every time the Wii is brought up. Yes, it did draw in demographics that were not traditionally considered gamers, but the "casual" audience wasn't the only thing that made the Wii popular.

The motion controls appealed to all types of gamers, and allowed neat experiences you didn't have before. It also had some really killer popular games such as Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart, the Virtual Console, Zelda, and plenty of other titles.

The Wii was a success because early in it's life, it combined motion controls along with quality titles. Even "core" gamers had the Wii, and despite the Wii's bad Internet reputation there are dozens of titles on it that anyone from casual to so called "core" gamers can enjoy. Like all Nintendo consoles, it had something for everyone. It just also had an unusually high amount of shovel ware as well.

The Wi was a success for a number of reasons, not just because of the stereotypical "soccer moms and grandmas" that also found interest in it. Yes, the casual audience certainly helped, but it wasn't only casual audiences that got the Wii.

The Wii has begun to show it's limitations though and has suffered some pretty significant software droughts later in it's life. With only a handful of Wii releases left, the Wii is limping to the finish line. It definitely had a better 1st half of the console generation than it's later half was. If you missed out on the Wii though, you certainly missed out on some cool titles.

The Xbox360 and PS3 on the other hand are the opposite. They started off slow, but began to pick up steam later in the console generation. Here on the tail end of the generation, the 360 and PS3 are seeing some of their finest moments and look to be sprinting towards the finish line.

Oh, here's another thing. A lot of Wii owners also owned a 360 or PS3 as well. These aren't mutually exclusive you know. I myself own both a Wii and a 360. I tend to use the Wii more, but 360 does have some cool stuff on it too.
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