Are there enough 'good' games on this system to justify a purchase at full price

#1REMercsChampPosted 4/11/2013 3:13:58 PM
My opinion is that... - Results (155 votes)
This system is worth the retail price of $374.99
36.13% (56 votes)
There is not enough content to justify a purchase as of now
63.87% (99 votes)
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#2FFXIgaiaknightPosted 4/11/2013 3:16:20 PM
you gonna get mixed responses from people but for me its been worth it as i have 12 games for my system so far.
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#3Shadowbird_RHPosted 4/11/2013 3:17:53 PM
Wii U will definitely be worth it sooner or later. Whether it's worth it now depends on how attached you are to your money. It was worth it to me, no regrets, but I planned long before purchasing to use it mostly for Wii games for the first year or so, based on seeing plenty of other console launches and how much they have available in their beginnings.
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#4mokmuudPosted 4/11/2013 3:19:45 PM
I didn't pay that much for it.
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#5Tayl0rpwnzPosted 4/11/2013 3:20:25 PM
Not yet. Maybe by the end of the year
#6sixdeadpixelsPosted 4/11/2013 3:20:55 PM
I already have more than I can play, but I recently got several of the "ports" because they were quite inexpensive, I had never played them, and they were well-received. For me, the answer is yes.
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#7Enigma149Posted 4/11/2013 3:25:08 PM(edited)
Where do you live that it costs an extra $25?

Anyway, the answer to that question depends upon a lot of things, namely, what other systems do you own? If you have none, then definitely. If you've got only non-Nintendo systems, then yes, and if you have only Nintendo systems, also yes. But if you already have a mix of both, I don't think so, no.

When Pikmin 3 comes out, on the other hand...
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#8DemonDog666Posted 4/11/2013 3:23:01 PM
No, if ps3/360/didn't exist or all it's ports of those games were exclusive on wiiU yeah but since they obviously aren't no way.
#9mokmuudPosted 4/11/2013 3:23:51 PM
I played $299
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#10elbarto1Posted 4/11/2013 3:57:15 PM
I waited for a good deal. Got a deluxe and 3 games for $420 pre tax. That's fair IMO. You have to decide your own price of entry though.
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