The argument about WiiU failure because of online seems silly.

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Simply because the newer systems won't be BC. The accounts will be, but more than likely anything transferred will cost extra. Plus, the many online players (for example on PS3) won't be playing other people on PS4. The games won't be compatible.

In a lot of ways, all three have to rebuild their online gaming sections. The only thing that will stay the same 100% I suppose will be accounts like netflix. But everything has that. Does not fix the game issue, since no PS4s or Nextboxes have been sold yet.
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What argument is that? Who said that the wii u is a failure "because of online"?

When will the wii u fanboys stop making up imaginary arguments? It's like them crying "nintendooooomed" every time a valid criticism is mentioned. Stop living in fantasy land.
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If you watch different youtube videos, many point out how the WIiU is failing because online is better on PS3 and 360.

However, I don't see this advantage rolling over to the next gen. Especially if both have pay services. Sony is sort of letting everyone hang on that one.