Grabbing a WiiU tomorrow. What else do I need?

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Socran posted...
themoth2112 posted...
A pro controller u because monster hunter plays better that way

Lies and slander.

And a game cube remote (cause smash bros brawl needs it.)

Actually factually incorrect, as the Gamecube controller is incompatible with the Wii U. And anyway, that game is compatible with a Wii Remote on its side, a Wii Remote paired with a nunchuk, and a Classic Controller.

Sorry I typed it up wrong, I meant that its only good with the cube remotes.
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A good look at the upcoming release calendar for the machine.
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get a wii u pro controller
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you'll need a good friend to talk you out of it, or a large group of hairy bikers to beat you up if you do buy it then a tattoo artist to tattoo "loser" on to your forehead.
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Buy monster hunter And prepare yourself for best game ever.
#27MasterAshKetchemPosted 4/14/2013 6:24:04 AM
A time machine to get the good games.
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dont waste money on that.
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BeerOnTap posted...
Buy monster hunter And prepare yourself for best game ever.

^^^Besides this. If you would rather use an Ethernet cable connection instead of Wi-Fi only, I would suggest a Wii Net Connect from Nyko (which is only about $12 from GameStop). It isn't a must have if you have reasonable Wi-Fi, but it's always nice to have a good connection.
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Low standards
Good internet
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