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3 years ago#61
More info

USB is the cheaper better alternative

As you save performance as you lose 4,500,000 cycles (9/1000)s/(1/(500*10^6))s with a harddrive

and get more GB/dollar
3 years ago#62
i think i read that there were some updates with how the ext hd work (could be wrong)

but can i use my time capsule somehow... i feel like spending more money on another drive would suck :(
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3 years ago#63
Yoshi - 13MB
3 years ago#64
Hi guys, a friend of mine is selling me his external HDD 500GB, he told me its specification is WD5000H1U-00, i'd like to know if it works as external storage for Wii U of if someone has tried this external hard drive because i've been looking for it and everybody uses 1TB. Thanks a lot for your help.
TCaC04, I got a different drive (same company/capacity amount) and it works just fine. Did a test or two and it worked great. Attempted to save when the drive's light went off after a bit, and it saved successfully. I do not have the problem where the Wii U could not recognize the drive anymore. All is well. Thanks for your assistance.
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3 years ago#66
any info about the injustice DLCs size?
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3 years ago#67
Each Injustice DLC pack is listed at 64KB in the shop.

Donkey Kong is 35MB.
3 years ago#68|21910783

Here's a slightly more expensive one since the other sold out.
3 years ago#69
3 years ago#70
Animal Crossing Plaza - 122MB
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