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3 years ago#81
Here's some more fast and cheap usb devices since the others sold out.|376065578|1645364456
3 years ago#82
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD - 1794 MB
3 years ago#83
The Wonderful 101 - 10 GB
3 years ago#84
Sonic Lost World 8.37GB
Super Mario 3D World 1.702GB
Wind Waker HD 1.792GB
3 years ago#85
Do we know of any USB-powered drives that will work with Wii U, and don't feature a save-stopping sleep feature? I'm talking about HDDs that would probably require a Y-cable, as I'd prefer to just plug the drive into the back of my Wii U and kind-of ignore it afterward.
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3 years ago#86
3 years ago#87
3 years ago#88
What about an external hard drive that doesn't have it's own power supply?
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3 years ago#89
So the Wii U can handle 3TB at max; would that even be really necessary? I mean, I have 3 games already installed on my PS4 that take up about 100 GB overall, and with my 300 left it seems like every game I've read about for Wii U, I could pretty much hold the entirety of the Wii U's library on my remaining space. So is there even really a need for 3TB? I can understand a huge bump from the 32GB to maybe 500, but terabytes seems like a bit much.
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3 years ago#90
so are most people just buying the basic and using external HD sources? Seems easier if you can find one for cheap somewhere?
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