What are the best Nintendo news sites?

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ozran posted...
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10/10 would read again
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I look at Nintendolife. I used to use IGN for my Nintendo news, but over the years, the site has become a predominantly PS oriented site and they'll often slant their news or just not post ANY of it related to Nintendo. Ironically, they'll post every minute detail about every other system.
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MordecaiRocks posted...
Nintendolife is the one I primarily use. Also GoNintendo from time to time.

These are the two sites.

Nintendolife has more of a British flare

Gonintendo is good, but it is constantly updated with the slightest morsel of news that pertains to Nintendo. It is good, but the average day you get about 50 news articles. I generally avoid their podcasts and streaming videos as I find them down-right boring (if you like watching people talk on skype about Nintendo and their various odd interests, give it a whirl). That said, I use them daily, and simply read the stuff I want.

I use Nintendolife as a good source for reviews of digital games on the 3DS and Wii U. They review and comment on everything, and I have found their reviews to be pretty spot on and generally purchase anything they give an 8 or above.
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Nintendo Life is my site of choice.
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ozran posted...
Thank you for those that have helped so far. any other suggestions would be great.

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you want news.. any site other than Gamefaqs. You want rumors, griping, trolling, 10 millions topics about the same thing.. then gamefaqs is your site.

Not sure why I continue to even look at these boards, guess I'm blindly hoping that something good might be found here.. tho some of the trolls complaining and ranting can be quite funny.
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