The wii U just MIGHT save gaming.

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3 years ago#101
Ur COD example proves quite the opposite. It doesnt sell well on wii, it sells decently. It also sell about less than a tenth of what it does.To developers, there is nothing more direct to draw a comparison.

The argument about massive advertising is ridiculous as well. Massive advertising is reserved for triple a titles. Dead rising, bayonnetta, Catherine, Dark Souls, viva pinata, castle crashers, braid, shadow complex and slews of retail and digital new IPs (good IPs) sold well. Xenoblade has much more massive advertising Because of rainfall. Even then it sold less than 400 K on American shores. Xenoblade still sold less than lost Odyssey and Valkyria Chronicles, Both exclusive games that released at a point in the consuls lifecycles where the user base was a fraction of what xenoblade had when it released on the wii. This is a pretty strong indicator to developers that if you are going to release great third-party games on a new console and then the PS3 and Xbox 360 have proven that they can sell more with far less consoles and hype.

Also when you talk about resident evil you completely missed the point. The problem isn't that umbrella Chronicles sold poorly(it didnt...), And more that bad games sells too well.

This is an indicator to developers that the Wiis user base has no demand for quality and has more demand for franchises and gimmicks. This is why resident evil cells but Zack and wiki hits the gutter.

Let's compare this with the inferior and equally niche game Catherine, which raked in 770k sales.

Here Capcom explicitly states the developer belief that only Nintendo titles sell.

Although Nintendo fan boys pretend that Nintendo makes quality games, In reality there are very few of their popular series which aren't outdated rehashes of old games like Mario kart and nsmbwii. But much more concerning than this is the massive sales of completely crap games such as Mario tennis, Mario sports mix, Mario party, Mario and sonic, wii play, wii music, links crossbow training, mario sluggers, brain train academy, wii fit, wii sports resort and so on.

The sales performance of these types of games along with titles like carnival games and zumba fut and casual dance games Gives a clear direction of the wii's audience.

The biggest issue here is that the week user base does not discern Between good and bad games Hence there is no reason to release the best products on the Wii.

Your entire argument about half assed games is the exact opposite of what you need to understand. The problem isn't that half assed games aren't selling, The problem is that half assed games are selling and often sell better then the quality games.

Your example of argument of re4 is pointless as well. The resident evil franchise is huge and just further indicates the extremely Rudimentary purchasing habits of the Wii market.
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3 years ago#102
Quote:STE573 posted...
Remember 18 years ago when the PS1 came out and people said the same thing about development costs? Remember when the PS2 came out and people said the same thing? Remember when the PS3 came out and we had stacks of articles saying how photorealism was going to bankrupt the industry?

I consider people who bring this argument up to be either fairly new to gaming (which you aren't) or in some kind of bubble where you think that game development is as risky a business as gambling.

Yeah, and remember how over the past 5-6 years, more and more game developers have been closed and even THQ has gone out of business? The only one fairly new to gaming and living in a bubble is you.


Ignorance at its finest. There are more developers out there now at any point in history. That's some old companies failed to adapt to new demographics and business models is their own fault. But plenty of new developers are thriving in this generation. Your view is a narrow one, Just like the Nubes who think the industry is dying because JRPgs are on the decline and they hold no regard for any other genres.
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(message deleted)
3 years ago#104
Lvthn posted...
Normally I wouldn't whip out such a simple argument...

...but are you seriously saying you know what's better for business than the owners of a business who have a fortune riding on making the right choice, have been in that business for years or decades, and have entire departments dedicated to making these decisions?

So your idea is to just continue to make games on PS4/Xbox 720 with possibly even more higher development costs & for publishers to run themselves into the ground even further? Are you kidding me?

And to top it off, that they make these poor decisions WITH THEIR MONEY based on nothing more than "bias" against Nintendo?

I've heard some nutty ideas, but the suggestion that companies will pass on bankroll because they're fanboys has to take the cake.

I'm saying that they should stop acting like ***** towards them, grow the **** up, & give Nintendo the kind of proper treatment that they deserve, just like they give Microsoft & Sony proper treatment, because they never know when they might need them again in the future.

Stop treating them like they're ****ing second-class citizens, & stop treating Microsoft & Sony like they're A-list celebrities. Everyone should have equal treatment.
3 years ago#105
This is the biggest piece of fanboy drivel I've seen in a long time. The whole second part of your post is saying the developers should ignore common sense and give Nintendo games with no responsibility to their shareholders or themselves.

Also why the hell are you talking about equality?
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3 years ago#106
Shinobi120 posted...

Stop treating them like they're ****ing second-class citizens, & stop treating Microsoft & Sony like they're A-list celebrities. Everyone should have equal treatment.

3 years ago#107
This topic is now about class conflict.
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3 years ago#108
hell of a lot of developers are in trouble.
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3 years ago#109
Quote:hell of a lot of developers are in trouble.

Welcome to the entire history of gaming.
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