Maybe The Earthbound Delay Wasn't Really For Music Licensing Issues

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A good topic by Panda? I never thought I'd see the day...
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El_Dustino posted...
Also, Animal Crossing uses the same exact song I think, and no one ever said anything there... I think said song might have also been in Brawl, but it's been a while since I played that game.

Not exactly the same, but the intro is almost the same thing and the style is the same.

As for sampling, it seems to be understood with gaming. People said the same thing about Sonic CD's Japanese soundtrack's boss theme sampling Xavier's "Work That Sucker to Death" but the only legal problems with that soundtrack when the remake was made were the lyrics to the opening theme and ending theme, whose copyright holder was deceased by the time they made the remake, and the funny thing about that is that the end-of-stage and game over music sample both songs (ending for the former, opening for the latter) and those were unchanged as well.
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