Do people seriously think the PS4 will have better graphics than Wii U?

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Pendragoon posted...
So, why did you change your trolling style shovel?

He forgot that he was on the wrong account?
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OK, joke topic. I chuckled when I saw this. Thank you. Let's move on.
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Shovel_Break posted...
I just looked at some videos of first generation PS4 games and that is nothing the Wii U cant do. As it is Pikmin 3 looks photorealistic and that is 4 months away, it kind of makes the new Killzone look last gen.

What makes the PS4 games so "OMG this is graphics" when at the very least the Wii U games looks just as good if not better?

Lol, baby gamers can't read or use the Internet.
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Dat Quantum Demo...
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