how i would want the next metroid

#1mega_mouse_fartPosted 4/22/2013 5:09:23 AM
have any of you played the game transformers:revenge of the fallen? the way i want a metroid game is simikar to that style minus turning into vehicles.

have it third person and use aiming controls like the way that game used them. even use the same dodge roll/dash mechanic.

keep exploration. use larger sandbox areas with many different routes and secrets. more variety in enemies and more aggresive enemies. throw in a touch of stealth so that combat has options. keep scanning visor. more suit custmization options as far as upgrades and abilities are concerned. when samus scans something or enemies i would like to hear her thoughts on the matter in real time rather than have a text box pop up.

also for some reason i love the idea of sneaking up to a space pirate as samus and her charging up a shot, using her free hand to muzzle the sound of the charging cannon, causing small damage from her hand over the hot cannon vents. once you are close enough to the pirate she auto grabs him, plants the cannon into the spine and blasts the poor sob in half... lol, i wish nintendo would evolve the metroid series the same way that prime did so long ago.
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bump'd for truth
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Yup. Sounds like a 4.2 / 10 game to me.
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#4mega_mouse_fart(Topic Creator)Posted 4/23/2013 2:18:57 AM
MalifacentX posted...
Yup. Sounds like a 4.2 / 10 game to me.

lol youre crazy, or perhaps i failed to describe my vision properly.
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MalifacentX posted...
Yup. Sounds like a 4.2 / 10 game to me.

ya the game does sound bad but more like a 6
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ur just saying that because its not a sidescroller
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Really easy to make these types of games (my favorite) fun and interesting. Exploration the main focus with inaccessible areas made accessible with upgrades, tons of hidden items, light rpg/character building elements.

Doesn't matter if it's 3d or 2d, first person or third person really, Batman Arkham Games, Metroid Prime, Symphony of the Night and its successors, all some of my favorite games ever with Metroid as an influence.
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#8KAMMYqueenPosted 4/23/2013 4:55:22 AM
mega_mouse_fart posted...
ur just saying that because its not a sidescroller

no i rather have a 3d Metroid than a 2d anyday but your ideas are dumb
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I'd hope it would be more like the older Metroid games. I could never enjoy the first person shooting ones. We can still get classic Mario, Zelda, and DKC games, I'll never know why a classic Metroid game in the same spirit of Shadow Complex never took off
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This is easy.



No stealth. None whatsoever.

Wayforward as developers.

Nintendo to send them the money, and this image, and say "make it look like this":